SMARTBOARD SBID-MX286-V3-PW - 86" Interactive Screen with iQ, 4K UHD LED 60 Hz

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Product Overview



The SMARTBOARD SBID-MX286-V3-PW is an 86" interactive screen with iQ, offering a 4K UHD LED display with a refresh rate of 60 Hz. With HyPr Touch technology and advanced IR, this interactive screen allows for 20 points of touch, making collaboration and learning more engaging. The screen also features ambient light sensors, personalized login, and comes with free software included. It is ENERGY STAR and Ecodesign certified, ensuring energy efficiency. The SMARTBOARD SBID-MX286-V3-PW is the perfect solution for classrooms and educational settings.

Key Features:

- Screen size: 86" - Maximum display resolution: 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) - Refresh rate: 60 Hz - HyPr Touch with Advanced IR technology - 20 points of touch - Ambient light sensors - Free software included - Personalized login - SMART Assure warranty - ENERGY STAR & Ecodesign certified

The SMARTBOARD SBID-MX286-V3-PW offers better touch and more collaboration for classroom environments. With HyPr Touch technology, multiple students can write, move, gesture, and erase simultaneously without interrupting the flow of learning. The zero-bonded glass provides precise interactions, making it ideal for teaching various concepts. The integrated K-12 Android-based experience allows for easy engagement and accessibility for teachers. SMART Ink software enables annotation on any web browser and familiar file types, enhancing the annotation experience. With the ability to connect student devices, students can contribute and collaborate from anywhere. The SMARTBOARD SBID-MX286-V3-PW also offers easier management and interaction with connected devices, allowing for seamless switching between inputs and convenient device connectivity. With USB-C support and compatibility with video conferencing platforms, this interactive screen provides a comprehensive solution for remote learning and communication.

Key Benefits:

- Better touch and collaboration with HyPr Touch technology - Precise interactions with zero-bonded glass - Integrated K-12 Android-based experience for easy engagement - Annotation on any web browser and file types with SMART Ink software - Connectivity for student devices for meaningful learning - Easy management and interaction with connected devices - USB-C support for device connectivity - Enhanced videoconferencing capabilities for remote learning

Experience the SMARTBOARD SBID-MX286-V3-PW and transform your classroom into an interactive and collaborative learning environment. With its advanced features and user-friendly design, this interactive screen is the ultimate solution for modern education.

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