SMARTBOARD 86" Interactive Screen with iQ, 4K UHD LED 60 Hz (Black)

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Introducing the SMARTBOARD 86" Interactive Screen with iQ, 4K UHD LED 60 Hz (Black). This cutting-edge technology brings more connectivity and engagement to classrooms, making learning a truly interactive experience. With its maximum display resolution of 4K UHD and a refresh rate of 60 Hz, the SMART Board 6086S-V3 Pro interactive display offers stunning visuals and smooth performance. With SMART Ink annotation software, built-in whiteboard, and educational content, teachers have powerful teaching tools at their fingertips. The SMART Notebook® basic version provides ready-made whiteboard templates, graphic organizers, manipulatives, widgets, and interactive activities to enhance lessons on the fly. Plus, the SMART Board 6000S is powered by HyPr Touch with InGlass technology, enabling up to 40 interactions simultaneously for better touch and more collaboration.

With the SMART Board 6000S, teachers can create a hands-on digital learning experience. The unique Tool Explorer™ platform supports various teaching and learning styles, allowing teachers and students to interact intuitively with digital content. Powered by iQ, an integrated K-12 Android-based experience, the SMART Board 6000S eliminates the need for a computer, making it easy for teachers to engage students in the classroom and on their devices. The SMART Ink® desktop software allows annotations on any file type, including web browsers, applications, and files, giving teachers the freedom to annotate and mark up familiar file types. The SMART Board 6000S also enables seamless collaboration with student devices, allowing students to connect via a browser and contribute with multi-way inking. With features like student-paced learning, screen sharing, and instant brainstorming with Shout It Out, the SMART Board 6000S opens up endless learning potential. Accessing apps and cloud storage is made easy with the ability to open documents from OneDrive™ and Google Drive™ directly on the board. And with easier management and interaction with connected devices, teachers can plug in multiple computers and video inputs, switch between inputs effortlessly, and connect USB-C devices through a 60-watt USB-C port. The SMART Board 6000S also enhances video conferencing capabilities, allowing teachers to engage remote learners and deliver lessons with screen sharing, inking, whiteboards, and lesson delivery tools.

- Cutting-edge technology for more connected classrooms and engaging learning - Powerful teaching tools and content at your fingertips - Better touch and more collaboration with HyPr Touch and InGlass technology - An integrated K-12 Android-based experience with iQ - Seamless annotation on any file type with SMART Ink software - Endless learning potential with collaboration and student device connectivity - Easy access to apps and cloud storage - Effortless management and interaction with connected devices - Enhanced video conferencing capabilities for remote learning.

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