SMARTBOARD 65" Interactive Screen with iQ, 4K UHD LED 60 Hz (Black)

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The SMARTBOARD 65" Interactive Screen with iQ is a powerful teaching tool that provides educators with a wide range of features to enhance their lessons. With a maximum display resolution of 4K UHD and a refresh rate of 60 Hz, this interactive screen offers stunning visuals and smooth performance. Teachers can easily access ready-made whiteboard templates, graphic organizers, manipulatives, widgets, and interactive activities to engage their students. The Tool Explorer™ software allows for real-life teaching tools to interact with the iQ whiteboard software, providing a diverse range of teaching options across different subjects and learning needs. Additionally, the SMARTBOARD 65" Interactive Screen offers features like infinite cloning, text editing, 3D objects, creative pens, equation editor, and math tools, making learning lively and interactive.

- 65" interactive screen with 4K UHD display resolution - Powerful teaching tools and content at your fingertips - Ready-made whiteboard templates, graphic organizers, and interactive activities - Real-life teaching tools with the Tool Explorer™ software - Infinite cloning, text editing, and 3D objects for engaging instruction

The SMARTBOARD 65" Interactive Screen is designed to facilitate collaboration and hands-on learning. Powered by HyPr Touch with InGlass technology, it enables up to 40 interactions simultaneously, allowing multiple students to write, erase, gesture, and use tools at the same time. The Tool Explorer™ platform supports various teaching and learning styles, allowing teachers and students to interact intuitively with digital content using Tool-Explorer-enabled objects like cubes, stamps, and pens. The screen is also powered by iQ, an easy-to-use Android-based platform designed for education. With iQ, teachers can engage students both in the classroom and on their devices without the need for a computer. Additionally, SMART's best-in-class annotation experience with SMART Ink® desktop software allows teachers to annotate and mark up familiar file types, making digital learning more interactive and dynamic.

- HyPr Touch with InGlass technology for enhanced collaboration - Tool Explorer™ platform for intuitive interaction with digital content - iQ platform for easy engagement in the classroom and on devices - SMART Ink® desktop software for annotation on various file types - Enhanced collaboration and digital learning experience

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