Smart Media SMAX75 - 75" Interactive Monitor, 4K, 500 Nits, 40 Touches

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The SmartMedia SMAX75 is a 75" interactive monitor that offers an exceptional viewing experience with its 4K resolution and 500 Nits brightness. With 40 touch points, this monitor allows for seamless collaboration and interaction on complex projects. The integrated camera and set of 8 omnidirectional microphones ensure excellent audio quality even in larger spaces. The monitor runs on Android 8.0 and comes with Dual Band WiFi for easy connectivity. It also features screen mirroring with Eshare PRO and a MicroSD card reader for memory extension.

The SmartMedia SMAX75 is not just a monitor, it's a complete interactive solution. With its advanced technology, fast touch response, and impressive audio system, it is perfect for both educational and corporate environments. The 16:9 LCD display with LED backlight provides a perfect vision of images and videos, while the integrated Android 8.0 system offers a wide range of pre-installed apps for multimedia content management, videoconferencing, and digital signage applications. Whether you're in a classroom or a meeting room, the SmartMedia SMAX75 creates engaging and interactive work environments.


- 16:9 LCD with LED backlight - Uninterrupted natural writing technology - Android 8.0 Multilanguage integrated with Dual Band WiFi - Environmental sensor for automatic brightness regulation - Screen mirroring with Share PRO - WiFi hotspot - MicroSD card reader for memory extension - Optional integrated PC OPS, available with i5 or i7 processor - Software supplied: SmartTouch, SmartMedia IWB, SmartMedia Pro, SmartSignage

Experience excellent audio and video quality with the SmartMedia SMAX75. Whether you're conducting a video conference or working on collaborative projects, this interactive monitor provides an engaging and immersive experience. With its accurate and fluent tactile and writing experience, you can easily navigate through different touch functions and seamlessly switch between pen, finger, and palm. The wide choice of pre-installed apps allows for easy screen sharing, file management, web browsing, and more.

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