Smart Media SMA-865 - 65" 4K Interactive Screen with 40 Touch Points

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Product Overview



The Smart Media SMA-865 is a modern and technologically advanced 65" 4K interactive screen with 40 touch points. With its Android 8.0 integration and Dual Band WiFi, this monitor offers seamless connectivity and a user-friendly interface. The monitor also features an environmental sensor for automatic brightness adjustment, Miracast and Hotspot WiFi capabilities, and automatic palm recognition for the eraser function. With differentiated touch options, including pen, finger, and palm, this monitor provides uninterrupted natural writing technology for a smooth and immersive user experience. Additionally, the SMA-865 includes a MicroSD card reader for memory extension and is designed to allow maintenance of the infrared modules on site.

The Smart Media SMA-865 is perfect for collaborative environments such as meeting rooms, professional studios, museums, and classrooms. Its large 65" display provides ample visual space, while the 4K resolution delivers realistic and brilliant images. The monitor comes with the SmartTouch software, allowing users to manage multimedia content and presentation files effectively. The software supports hand gesture recognition for natural interaction and is designed for use with touchscreen monitors, interactive kiosks, and tablets. With its versatility, the SMA-865 is ideal for various settings, including info points, trade shows, retail locations, schools, libraries, and more.

Key Features:

- 65" 4K (3840 x 2160) interactive monitor - 40 touch points - Android 8.0 Multilingual integrated with Dual Band WiFi - Miracast, Hotspot WiFi - MicroSD card reader for memory extension - Designed to allow maintenance of the infrared modules on site

Included SmartTouch Software:

- Photo, Video and Audio Viewer: Allows visualization and manipulation of photographs, videos, and audio files - Jigsaw Puzzle: Simulates a classic jigsaw puzzle for entertainment purposes - PDF and Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint File Viewer: Enables visualization and annotation of various document formats - Quiz Builder: Create and manage custom quizzes for educational or entertainment purposes - Browser: Integrated web browser for internet navigation and annotation - Form: Visualize and annotate selected files for efficient document management

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