Smart Media SMA-855 - 55" 4K Interactive Screen with 40 Touch Points

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Product Overview


Technical Specifications

Model Smart Media SMA-855
Screen Size 55 inches
Resolution 4K Ultra HD
Touch Points 40


The Smart Media SMA-855 is a modern and technological large touch screen monitor, with Android 8, 40 touchpoints, ambient light sensor, which allows perfect collaboration and interaction in meeting rooms, professional studios, museums, and classrooms. Available in 55", this monitor offers ample visual space and realistic and brilliant 4K images.

The supplied software allows you to use images, videos and digital documents with extreme ease, ideal for high-impact interactive presentations and for the combined collaboration of several people on common projects.

- 4K Interactive Screen - Miracast, Hotspot WiFi - Uninterrupted natural writing technology - Android 8.0 Multilingual integrated with Dual Band WiFi

Integrated Android player to browse the web and to use any App, optional PC. Included SmartTouch Software. SmartTouch is the software that lets you manage multimedia content and presentation files more effectively and in a more visually engaging way on any touch-based device. Easy to use, SmartTouch allows you to control and interact with the content naturally thanks to hand gesture recognition. SmartTouch has been designed to give you an experience much like your smartphone or tablet. Designed for use with touch screen monitors and with interactive kiosks and tablets.

- Photo, Video and Audio Viewer - Jigsaw Puzzle - PDF and Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint File Viewer - Quiz Builder - Browser - Form

Great at info points, trade shows, museums, retail locations, shopping malls, television news studios, meeting rooms, airports, hotels, universities, schools, training centers, libraries, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Smart Media SMA-855 - 55" 4K Interactive Screen with 40 Touch Points?

A: The Smart Media SMA-855 is a 55-inch 4K interactive screen that offers 40 touch points for an immersive and collaborative user experience. It is designed for businesses and educational institutions looking to enhance engagement and productivity.

Q: What are the benefits of using an interactive screen?

A: Interactive screens provide numerous benefits for users in various scenarios, including: * Enhanced engagement: The interactive nature of the screen allows users to interact with content in a more dynamic and engaging way, leading to improved learning and collaboration. * Improved collaboration: With 40 touch points, multiple users can simultaneously interact with the screen, making it ideal for group projects, brainstorming sessions, and interactive presentations. * Versatile applications: The Smart Media SMA-855 can be used in a wide range of scenarios, such as business meetings, classrooms, conferences, and interactive exhibits. * High-resolution display: The 4K resolution ensures crisp and vibrant visuals, providing a visually stunning experience for users. * Easy connectivity: The screen offers various connectivity options, such as HDMI and USB, making it compatible with different devices and easy to integrate into existing setups.

Q: What are the key features of the Smart Media SMA-855?

A: The Smart Media SMA-855 - 55" 4K Interactive Screen with 40 Touch Points offers several key features that set it apart: * 55-inch 4K UHD display: The large screen size and high-resolution display provide an immersive viewing experience with sharp and detailed visuals. * 40 touch points: The screen supports up to 40 simultaneous touch points, allowing multiple users to interact and collaborate seamlessly. * Interactive pen support: In addition to touch, the screen also supports interactive pens, providing precise input and annotation capabilities. * Built-in speakers: The screen features built-in speakers, eliminating the need for external audio devices and ensuring clear sound during presentations or videos. * Durable construction: The screen is built to withstand daily use, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.

Q: What are some common applications for the Smart Media SMA-855?

A: The Smart Media SMA-855 can be utilized in various scenarios to enhance user experiences and productivity, including: * Business presentations and conferences: The interactive screen allows for engaging and interactive presentations, making it ideal for business meetings and conferences. * Classroom and educational settings: Teachers can utilize the screen to create interactive lessons, engage students, and promote collaborative learning. * Training sessions and workshops: The screen facilitates interactive training sessions, workshops, and simulations, enhancing participant engagement and knowledge retention. * Digital signage and exhibits: The high-resolution display and touch capabilities make the screen suitable for creating interactive exhibits and captivating digital signage.

Q: How user-friendly is the Smart Media SMA-855?

A: The Smart Media SMA-855 is designed with user-friendliness in mind. The touch screen is highly responsive, providing a smooth and intuitive user experience. Additionally, the screen offers easy connectivity options and a user-friendly interface, making it simple to navigate and operate.

Product Expert Review

Review of the Smart Media SMA-855 - 55" 4K Interactive Screen

Display Quality:

The Smart Media SMA-855 offers an impressive display with its 55" 4K resolution screen. The resolution provides sharp and detailed images, making it ideal for presentations and visual content. The brightness level is sufficient, ensuring that content is easily visible even in well-lit environments. Color accuracy is also commendable, with vibrant and true-to-life colors that enhance the overall viewing experience.

The touchscreen is highly responsive, accurately registering touch inputs without any noticeable delay. It also supports up to 40 touch points, allowing for multi-user collaboration and interactive tasks. The anti-glare properties of the screen are effective in reducing reflections, making it suitable for use in various lighting conditions. Additionally, the viewing angles are wide, ensuring that content can be viewed clearly from different positions in a room.

Performance and Features:

The interface of the Smart Media SMA-855 is fast and responsive, providing a seamless user experience. The touchscreen is compatible with a wide range of software, making it versatile for different applications. It also comes with pre-installed software that adds value, especially for collaborative work and presentations.

Connectivity options are abundant, with HDMI, USB, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth support. This allows for easy connection to various devices and enables wireless sharing and collaboration. The screen also supports stylus input, which is beneficial for precise tasks such as drawing or writing. Gesture recognition adds an intuitive aspect to navigation and control, enhancing the overall user experience.

User Experience:

Using the Smart Media SMA-855 in various scenarios has been a positive experience. The touchscreen is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy to navigate and interact with the interface. The learning curve for new users is minimal, allowing for quick adoption and productivity.

Applications and Use Cases:

The Smart Media SMA-855 excels in a range of scenarios, including presentations, education, and creative work. Its interactive features make it ideal for engaging students in a classroom setting or facilitating collaborative work in meetings. Professionals in industries such as graphic design and architecture can benefit from its precise touch input and high-resolution display.

Durability and Reliability:

The Smart Media SMA-855 is built to last, with a durable design that ensures longevity. While specific warranty information may vary, the product generally offers a warranty that provides assurance of its reliability. The touchscreen's performance remains consistent over time, showing resistance to wear and tear.

Price and Value for Money:

In terms of price and value for money, the Smart Media SMA-855 offers a competitive option in the market. It provides a range of features and performance that justify its price point. When compared to similar products, it offers good value, especially considering its touchscreen capabilities and 4K display.

Pros and Cons:


  • High-quality 4K display with vibrant colors and anti-glare properties.
  • Responsive touchscreen with multi-touch support.
  • Wide range of connectivity options.
  • Additional features like stylus support and gesture recognition.
  • Durable and reliable.


  • Price may be a consideration for budget-conscious buyers.
  • Size may be limiting for certain use cases.


The Smart Media SMA-855 - 55" 4K Interactive Screen offers an impressive display quality, excellent performance, and a user-friendly experience. It is a versatile solution that excels in various applications, making it a valuable investment for both educational and professional settings.

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