Smart 6286SCPW - 86" Smart Board with 4k Ultra HD and IQ (White Frame)

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Product Overview


Introducing the Smart 6286SCPW - an 86" Smart Board with 4k Ultra HD and IQ (White Frame). With its impressive 86" screen size and 4K UHD display resolution, this Smart Board offers a stunning visual experience. It also features iQ built-in Android experience and SMART Meeting Pro software, providing a seamless and intuitive user experience for teachers and students.

  • 86" screen size
  • iQ built-in Android experience and SMART Meeting Pro software included
  • 4K UHD display resolution
  • 20 touch points
  • HDMI 2.0 output

The Smart 6286SCPW is designed to enhance digital learning in the classroom. It supports different teaching and learning methods with its Tool-Explorer-enabled cubes, stamps, pens, and more. Teachers can mark up in real-time using ink that works on browsers, applications, files, and more. Plus, with iQ's integrated Android-based experience, teachers can engage students easily, regardless of their comfort level with technology.

  • No computer needed
  • Engage remote learners
  • Works with your tech
  • Even better interaction
  • Connect devices and learning experiences

The Smart 6286SCPW also offers easy connectivity and management of devices. Teachers can plug multiple video sources into the Smart Board and use the live input preview for intelligent switching among inputs. The convenience panel makes it easy to connect devices without searching for ports on the back of the display. Additionally, the Smart Board comes with USB-C support, allowing for easy connection of USB-C devices.

  • Easier use and management of connected devices
  • Now with USB-C
  • Create and deliver rich, interactive lessons

In addition, the Smart 6286SCPW comes with free SMART Notebook software, which allows teachers to create engaging learning experiences with their Smart Board. The software offers ready-made whiteboard templates, graphic organizers, manipulatives, widgets, and interactive activities. It also includes instructional tools such as the Magic Pen and highlighter, which help focus students' attention without interrupting the natural flow of teaching.

With its advanced features and affordable price, the Smart 6286SCPW is a long-term investment in your classroom. It bridges the gap between physical and digital learning, providing a powerful and intuitive platform for teachers and students alike.

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