Sharp PN-HC Professional Digital Signage


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Looking to enhance your digital signage? Look no further than Sharp's PN-HC Professional LCD Monitor. With its 4K Ultra-HD display, this monitor offers stunning visuals that are sure to catch the eye. Whether you prefer portrait or landscape orientation, this monitor can be easily installed to match your signage needs. Plus, with three HDMI input terminals and a built-in 4K media player, you can create captivating digital signage without the need for a separate PC. Experience increased convenience and flexibility with Sharp's PN-HC Professional LCD Monitor, and make your key message even more visible to your intended target.

  • 4K Ultra-HD display for stunning visuals
  • Wide variety of installation options to match your location and signage needs
  • Three HDMI input terminals for easy connectivity
  • Built-in 4K media player for hassle-free digital signage
  • Increased convenience and flexibility for your digital signage needs

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