Samsung XRB-L Outdoor LED Display - 2.9mm Pixel Pitch, ≥3.840Hz Refresh Rate

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Product Overview

Technical Specifications

Model: Samsung XRB-L Outdoor LED Display
Panel Spec
Pixel Pitch 2.9mm
Refresh Rate ≥3,840Hz


The Samsung LH039XRBCLC is a 2.9mm XRB-L outdoor LED screen. Impress passers-by with great content. The outdoor displays of the XRB series are optimized to display information at close range. The clear image quality enables sharp and clear visibility, so the display impresses its viewers. Easy installation and maintenance help improve the company's operations.

  • A clear and impressive picture
  • Capture the attention of passers-by with a vivid image. The 5,000 nit brightness of the XRB series makes the screens very visible even in direct sunlight. Thus, they can flawlessly display content from close range to customers walking past or entering the store.
  • The compact design enables easy installation
  • Install easily. Samsung's XRB series now offers a much easier installation, so you can get the screen up and running much faster than before. The two display boxes, which weigh only 7.8 kg or 14 kg, are very thin (only 64 mm), so even one person can do the installation.
  • Flexible installation options in different locations
  • Thanks to its versatile installation options, the XRB series is an excellent solution for all companies that need screens for outdoor use. There are several accessories that facilitate installation in various environments, including hanging, stacking, and corner.
  • Easy and convenient maintenance
  • Since all components are removable – from the power unit to the modules – the XRB series displays can be serviced from the front or the back. This makes maintenance easier and more practical even in tight spaces, and companies can avoid long downtimes.
  • Optimal performance in all environments
  • Created to withstand weather conditions. The XRB series monitors have received an IP65/65 rating, so they are suitable for continuous outdoor use regardless of the environment. In addition, the screens have materials resistant to UV light, which helps to keep the appearance of the screen stylish.
  • In the Box

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What is the Samsung XRB-L Outdoor LED Display - 2.9mm Pixel Pitch, ≥3.840Hz Refresh Rate?

    A: The Samsung XRB-L Outdoor LED Display is a high-quality outdoor display that offers a pixel pitch of 2.9mm and a refresh rate of ≥3.840Hz. It is designed to provide clear and vibrant visuals even in outdoor environments.

    Q: What are the benefits of using the Samsung XRB-L Outdoor LED Display?

    A: The Samsung XRB-L Outdoor LED Display offers several benefits for various scenarios, including: * High visibility: The display's outdoor design ensures that the content is easily visible even in bright sunlight, making it perfect for outdoor advertising and signage. * Durability: The display is built to withstand harsh weather conditions and is resistant to dust, water, and other environmental factors, ensuring long-lasting performance. * Versatility: With a pixel pitch of 2.9mm and a high refresh rate, the display is suitable for a wide range of applications, including sports stadiums, concerts, outdoor events, and more. * Energy-efficient: The LED technology used in the display consumes less power compared to traditional displays, resulting in cost savings and reduced environmental impact.

    Q: What are the key features of the Samsung XRB-L Outdoor LED Display?

    A: The Samsung XRB-L Outdoor LED Display offers several key features that make it a top choice for outdoor display needs, including: * High resolution: The display provides crisp and clear visuals with its high pixel density and advanced LED technology. * Weatherproof design: The display is IP65-rated, ensuring protection against dust, water, and other outdoor elements. * Wide viewing angles: The display offers wide viewing angles, ensuring that the content is visible from various positions and distances. * Easy installation: The display comes with a user-friendly installation process, allowing for hassle-free setup. * Remote management: The display can be easily controlled and managed remotely, making it convenient for updating content and scheduling displays.

    Q: What are some of the applications for the Samsung XRB-L Outdoor LED Display?

    A: The Samsung XRB-L Outdoor LED Display can be used in various scenarios, including: * Outdoor advertising: The high visibility and durability of the display make it ideal for outdoor advertising campaigns. * Sports stadiums: The display can showcase live scores, replays, and other engaging content during sports events. * Concerts and events: The display can provide immersive visuals and enhance the overall experience for attendees. * Retail displays: The display can attract customers and promote products or special offers in outdoor retail spaces. * Transportation hubs: The display can provide information, directions, and advertisements in bus stops, train stations, and airports.

    Q: How easy is it to install and manage the Samsung XRB-L Outdoor LED Display?

    A: The Samsung XRB-L Outdoor LED Display is designed for easy installation and management. It comes with a user-friendly installation process and can be remotely controlled and managed, allowing for convenient content updates and scheduling.

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