LG 98UM5J-B - 98-inch UHD Digital Signage with High Brightness and Built-in Speakers


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Product Overview

Technical Specifications

Model: LG 98UM5J-B Specifications
Panel Spec
Display Type TFT-LCD
Size 98"
Resolution 3840 x 2160 (UHD)
Aspect Ratio 16 : 9
Color Depth 10 bit
Brightness 500 cd/m²
Built-in Speakers Yes
HDMI 3 x HDMI (2 x HDMI 2.0, 1 x HDMI 1.4)
DisplayPort 1 x DisplayPort 1.2
USB 2 x USB 2.0, 1 x USB 3.0
Power Supply 100-240V~, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption Typical: 330W, Smart Energy Saving: 220W
Operating Temperature 0 - 40°C
Storage Temperature -20 - 60°C
Humidity 10 - 80% RH
Physical Properties
Weight Approx. 76.5 kg (168.7 lbs)
Dimensions (W x H x D) Without Stand: 2199.8 x 1257.8 x 89.2 mm (86.6" x 49.5" x 3.5")
With Stand: 2199.8 x 1353.6 x 1010.5 mm (86.6" x 53.3" x 39.8")


The LG 98UM5J-B is a 98” UHD digital signage with high brightness. It is provided with built-in speakers, WiFi, and Bluetooth. It is equipped with 3 HDMI and 2 USB Type A ports for easy connection.

  • Great Viewing on a Large Screen
  • Slim Design
  • Superb Picture Quality - Ultra HD Resolution
  • Built-in Speaker
  • High Brightness Delivers Clear Content
  • Support HDMI CEC Command
  • This 98” display offers a large screen to share your messaging! Whether landscape or portrait, this digital signage has a 178° viewing angle, which means advertisements can be seen from virtually any angle. The slim design of the UM5J-J allows it to be installed closer to the wall, helping to create an immersive experience and sophisticated look. UHD resolution is 4 times higher than FHD, which makes the color and details of the contents more vivid and realistic. In addition, the IPS Panel allows for wider viewing angles and provides clearer content with no distortion. Enrich content with sound effects from built-in speakers. With a brightness rating of 500 nits, the UM5J series displays deliver brilliant content and attract attention, making these displays an ideal choice for a wide variety of businesses, including retail and corporate. This signage also supports HDMI CEC command, allowing you to use the LG Remote Controller to control the basic functions of connected HDMI devices.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What is the LG 98UM5J-B - 98-inch UHD Digital Signage with High Brightness and Built-in Speakers?

    A: The LG 98UM5J-B is a large-format digital signage display that offers an immersive viewing experience for various applications. It features a 98-inch UHD display with high brightness and built-in speakers, making it perfect for advertising, information display, and interactive presentations.

    Q: What are the benefits of using the LG 98UM5J-B for digital signage?

    A: The LG 98UM5J-B offers several benefits for digital signage applications: * Impressive visual impact: With its large 98-inch UHD display and high brightness, the LG 98UM5J-B ensures that your content stands out and captures attention. * Enhanced engagement: The immersive viewing experience provided by the LG 98UM5J-B can engage customers and visitors, increasing their interaction with your content. * Versatile content display: The LG 98UM5J-B supports various media formats, allowing you to display videos, images, and interactive content to convey your message effectively. * Built-in speakers: The integrated speakers eliminate the need for additional audio equipment, ensuring clear and impactful audio alongside your visuals.

    Q: What are the key features of the LG 98UM5J-B?

    A: The LG 98UM5J-B offers a range of features that make it an excellent choice for digital signage: * 98-inch UHD display: The large screen size and UHD resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels) provide stunning visuals and sharp image quality. * High brightness: The LG 98UM5J-B delivers high brightness levels, ensuring that your content remains visible even in brightly lit environments. * Wide viewing angles: The display offers wide viewing angles, allowing your content to be seen clearly from various perspectives. * Built-in speakers: The integrated speakers deliver clear and immersive audio, eliminating the need for external audio equipment. * Multiple connectivity options: The LG 98UM5J-B supports HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB connections, providing flexibility for content playback and device integration.

    Q: In what scenarios can the LG 98UM5J-B be beneficial?

    A: The LG 98UM5J-B can be beneficial in various scenarios, including: * Retail stores: Display promotional content, advertisements, and product information to attract customers and drive sales. * Restaurants and cafes: Showcase menus, daily specials, and promotions to engage customers and enhance their dining experience. * Corporate environments: Use the LG 98UM5J-B for digital signage in lobbies, meeting rooms, and common areas to communicate messages, announcements, and company information effectively. * Educational institutions: Display important announcements, event schedules, and educational content in schools, colleges, and universities. * Trade shows and exhibitions: Create impactful displays to attract attention, convey information about products or services, and engage visitors.

    Q: Is the LG 98UM5J-B user-friendly?

    A: Yes, the LG 98UM5J-B is designed to be user-friendly. It offers easy installation and setup, intuitive controls, and a user-friendly interface. Additionally, the included remote control and on-screen menu make it simple to navigate and manage your content.

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