LG 24BK750Y-B - 24-Inch IPS Multi-Tasking Monitor


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Product Overview


Technical Specifications

Model: LG 24BK750Y-B - 24-Inch IPS Multi-Tasking Monitor
Panel Spec
Display Type IPS
Size 24"
Touch Screen No
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Aspect Ratio 16 : 9
Color Depth 8 bit
Contrast Ratio 1000 : 1
Backlight LED
Viewing Angle 178° (H), 178° (V)
DisplayPort 1 x DisplayPort
USB 2 x USB 3.0
Power Inputs
Power Consumption 30W
Operating Temperature 0 - 40°C
Storage Temperature -20 - 60°C
Humidity 10 - 80% RH, Non-Condensing
Physical Properties
Housing Plastic
Weight 4.4 kg ( 9.7 lb )
Dimensions (L x W x H) 55.4 x 20.9 x 41.9 cm (21.8 x 8.2 x 16.5 in.)
Note -


The LG 24BK750Y-B is a 24” class (23.8” diagonal) IPS multi-tasking monitor with adjustable screen and virtually borderless design. With a touch of a button, Reader Mode allows the reduction of blue light emissions that can be harmful to the eyes. LG’s Smart Energy Saving Mode reduces power consumption without lowering the brightness of the monitor. Experts have conducted color calibration tests at the production line for accurate color.

  • Flicker Safe reduces on-screen flickers, which helps minimize eye strain and eye fatigue. By combining Flicker Safe with the proven picture quality of IPS technology, users can comfortably work throughout the day.
  • The IPS display provides clear and accurate colors from virtually any angle, allowing users to sit at different angles around their display and invite others to collaborate in their workspace.
  • The three-sided almost borderless screen minimizes the bezel so the display blends seamlessly into any workspace and adds aesthetic appeal.
  • The monitor provides customizable viewing positions with versatile screen tilt/height/pivot/swivel adjustments. You can adjust the display for a personal, comfortable workstation.
  • The 27BK750Y-B can be assembled quickly and easily, without the need for any tools. Also, the wall mounting design gives you the freedom to take it off the desk and hang it on a wall*.
  • Daisy chain functionality lets you connect up to four monitors with duplication and extension functions. This setup creates the ability to extend the amount of on-screen space to work on programs simultaneously or mirror content across up to 4 screens.
  • Compatible devices are charged much faster than with typical USB 2.0 cables, meaning that USB 3.0 can transfer data faster. This rapid transfer speed minimizes any disruptions to business.
  • The power module is attached to the monitor from behind for built-in power, helping reduce the amount of desktop clutter.
  • The LG 24BK750Y-B is a versatile multi-tasking monitor that offers a range of features to enhance your productivity. Its Full HD IPS display provides clear and accurate colors from any angle, making it perfect for collaborative work environments. The virtually borderless design adds a sleek and modern touch to your workspace. With adjustable screen positions, you can customize the monitor to your preferred viewing angle for a comfortable workstation. The monitor is also easy to assemble and can be wall-mounted for added convenience. Additionally, the daisy chain functionality allows you to connect multiple monitors for extended on-screen space. With USB 3.0 quick charge and a built-in power module, this monitor offers fast charging and reduces desktop clutter. Experience enhanced productivity with the LG 24BK750Y-B multi-tasking monitor.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What is the LG 24BK750Y-B - 24-Inch IPS Multi-Tasking Monitor?

    A: The LG 24BK750Y-B is a 24-inch IPS multi-tasking monitor that offers a range of features for enhanced productivity and convenience. It features an IPS panel for accurate and vibrant color reproduction, a slim bezel design for a sleek look, and versatile connectivity options for seamless integration with various devices.

    Q: What are the benefits of using the LG 24BK750Y-B?

    A: The LG 24BK750Y-B offers several benefits that make it an ideal choice for various scenarios: * Enhanced productivity: The multi-tasking capabilities of this monitor allow users to efficiently work on multiple tasks simultaneously, improving overall productivity. * Crisp and vivid visuals: The IPS panel ensures accurate color reproduction and wide viewing angles, providing an immersive visual experience. * Ergonomic design: The monitor offers adjustable height, tilt, and swivel options, promoting comfortable viewing positions and reducing strain on the neck and eyes. * Easy connectivity: With multiple connectivity options like HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB ports, users can easily connect their devices and peripherals to the monitor.

    Q: What are the key features of the LG 24BK750Y-B?

    A: The LG 24BK750Y-B comes with a range of key features that enhance its functionality and user experience, including: * 24-inch IPS display with a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, delivering sharp and detailed visuals. * On-Screen Control feature that allows users to easily adjust monitor settings and split the screen for efficient multitasking. * Reader Mode and Flicker Safe technology that help reduce eye strain during extended viewing periods. * Dual Link-up feature that enables simultaneous display of content from two different devices, enhancing productivity. * USB Type-C connectivity for seamless data transfer, video streaming, and charging of compatible devices.

    Q: What are some scenarios where the LG 24BK750Y-B can be beneficial?

    A: The LG 24BK750Y-B is a versatile monitor suitable for various scenarios, including: * Professional work: The multi-tasking capabilities and accurate color reproduction make it ideal for graphic design, video editing, and content creation. * Office productivity: The adjustable stand, on-screen control, and dual link-up features promote efficient multitasking and collaboration in office environments. * Gaming: With its fast response time and smooth visuals, the monitor offers an immersive gaming experience. * Home entertainment: The vibrant display and connectivity options allow users to enjoy movies, streaming, and multimedia content at home.

    Q: How user-friendly is the LG 24BK750Y-B?

    A: The LG 24BK750Y-B is designed with user-friendliness in mind. The on-screen control feature simplifies monitor settings adjustments, while the ergonomic design ensures comfortable usage. The monitor's intuitive interface and connectivity options make it easy to connect and use with various devices.

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