IAdea XDS-1071 - 10" All-In-One Display (Non-Touch)

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Product Overview

Technical Specifications

Model: IAdea XDS-1071 - 10" All-In-One Display (Non-Touch)
Panel Spec
Display Type TFT-LCD
Size 10.1"
Touch Screen Non-Touch
Resolution 1280 x 800
Aspect Ratio 16 : 9
Color Depth 8 bit
Contrast Ratio 800 : 1
Backlight LED
Viewing Angle ± 85° (H), ± 85° (V)
Ethernet 1 x RJ-45 Female, 10 / 100 / 1000 BaseT
USB 1 x USB Type A
Power Inputs
Power over Ethernet (PoE) 802.3 af PoE / 802.3 at PoE+
Power Consumption DC48V:20WBTU
Operating Temperature 0 - 40°C
Storage Temperature -10 - 55°C
Humidity 10 - 80% RH, Non-Condensing
Physical Properties
Housing Plastic
Weight 0.62 kg (1.37 lb)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 25.20 x 17.78 x 2.45 cm (9.92 x 7 x 0.96 in.)
Note For some of rack mount products, please note that the standard physical dimensions of WxDxH are expressed using a LxWxH format.



The IAdea XDS-1071 10" Non-Touch All-In-One Display is a versatile and convenient solution for retailers and shop owners. With its 10-inch size and non-touch functionality, it allows for easy placement of sales and promotional information in any corner of the store. The display features a high resolution of 1280 x 800 and a maximum brightness of 300 nits, ensuring vibrant and eye-catching content for shoppers. With built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and a responsive design, managers can quickly create playlists and update content anywhere, anytime.

  • A unique shopping experience: With its high brightness and vibrant advertising content, the XDS-1071 offers shoppers a unique and engaging shopping experience. Whether they are queuing for checkout or walking by merchandising displays, they can enjoy immersive product experiences and personalized product recommendations.
  • Mount to any surface: The XDS-1071 is designed to be versatile and adaptable. It offers 2nd screen mirroring capability and various mounting options, including a built-in zero gap flush mount, VESA-compatible tilt mount, commercial-grade glass mount, heavy-duty window mount, and mountable pivot table stand.
  • Easy Breezy Signage Solution: Get started with SignApps Express + XDS-1071 to quickly spin up a proof-of-concept demo and take full advantage of features available on IAdea’s hardware. The cloud option provides a simple content distribution solution to enable you to grow your deployment from 1 to 100 in record time.

  • Irreplaceable in-store shopping experience: Pair the IAdea lift-n-learn solution with the 10" signboards to bring in more in-store customers. As shoppers try products first-hand, thoughtful and engaging media content helps them visualize all the moments where this product can make their day a little better.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What is the IAdea XDS-1071 - 10" All-In-One Display (Non-Touch)?

    A: The IAdea XDS-1071 is a compact all-in-one display that offers a range of features for various applications. It features a 10-inch display with high resolution and vibrant colors, making it perfect for digital signage, advertising, and information display purposes.

    Q: What are the benefits of using the IAdea XDS-1071?

    A: The IAdea XDS-1071 offers several benefits that make it a valuable addition to any business or organization: * Versatile functionality: The IAdea XDS-1071 can be used for various purposes, including displaying advertisements, providing information, and engaging customers with interactive content. * Compact and space-saving: With its compact size, the IAdea XDS-1071 can fit into small spaces, making it ideal for businesses with limited space. * High-quality display: The 10-inch display of the IAdea XDS-1071 delivers sharp and vibrant visuals, ensuring that your content stands out and captures attention. * Easy content management: The IAdea XDS-1071 comes with user-friendly software that allows you to easily manage and update your content remotely, saving you time and effort. * Energy-efficient: The IAdea XDS-1071 is designed to be energy-efficient, reducing power consumption and helping you save on electricity costs.

    Q: What are the key features of the IAdea XDS-1071?

    A: The IAdea XDS-1071 comes with a range of features that enhance its functionality and usability: * High-resolution display: The 10-inch display offers crisp and clear visuals, ensuring that your content looks impressive. * Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity: The IAdea XDS-1071 can connect to the internet wirelessly or through an Ethernet connection, allowing for easy content updates and remote management. * HDMI and USB ports: The IAdea XDS-1071 is equipped with HDMI and USB ports, enabling you to connect external devices such as media players or USB drives for content playback. * Built-in media player: The IAdea XDS-1071 has a built-in media player that supports various media formats, making it easy to display a wide range of content. * Mounting options: The IAdea XDS-1071 can be mounted on walls or placed on stands, providing flexibility in installation.

    Q: What are some common applications for the IAdea XDS-1071?

    A: The IAdea XDS-1071 can be used in a variety of scenarios to enhance communication and engage audiences: * Retail displays: Display product information, promotions, and advertisements to attract customers and drive sales. * Hospitality: Provide guests with important information, such as hotel amenities, event schedules, and local attractions. * Corporate communications: Share company announcements, news, and updates with employees in a visually appealing way. * Wayfinding: Guide visitors through large venues, such as malls or airports, with interactive maps and directions. * Education: Display class schedules, campus maps, and important announcements in schools and universities. * Healthcare: Share healthcare information, appointment reminders, and wellness tips in waiting areas or patient rooms.

    Q: How easy is it to set up and manage the IAdea XDS-1071?

    A: The IAdea XDS-1071 is designed to be user-friendly and easy to set up and manage. The intuitive interface and software make it simple to upload and schedule content, adjust settings, and monitor the display's performance. Additionally, the compact size and versatile mounting options make installation hassle-free.

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