i3-Technologies X-ONE Interactive Flat Panel Display, 86 inch, Android 11, 8GB RAM

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Introducing the i3TOUCH X-ONE, the greatest performing interactive flat panel display from i3-Technologies. With a screen size of 86 inches and powered by Android 11 with an Octa-Core CPU and 8GB of RAM, this device offers faster processing power for efficient work. It comes with a range of accessories including a user manual, remote control, power supply cord, HDMI cable, USB cable, passive stylus, wall mount, WiFi module, and USB-C cable. The X-ONE is equipped with the i3studio software suite, providing a seamless user experience. With room-filling audio, enhanced clarity, and one cable connection, this interactive display operates on Android 11, making it a reliable and user-friendly device.

  • Screen size: 86"
  • Faster processing power
  • Powered by i3studio software suite
  • Room-filling audio
  • Multi-function button
  • Enhanced clarity
  • One cable connection
  • Operates on Android 11

Experience the fastest processing power at your fingertips with the i3TOUCH X-ONE. The device is optimized for how you use your i3TOUCH, offering powerful device controls and faster ways to present and navigate. It supports higher-density environments and an increased capacity of devices. With vibrant colors and sharper lines, the X-ONE delivers captivating image quality for presentations and video conferencing. The anti-glare glass and optimized viewing angle ensure consistent viewing experiences. Additionally, the X-ONE reduces eye fatigue with its DC Dimming mode, blue light filter, and anti-glare coating. The advanced audio system with an integrated subwoofer provides fuller sound, filling the room with high-quality audio. With one cable for audio, video, power, and touch, you can easily connect your laptop to the screen using a USB-C cable. The X-ONE offers a natural touch and writing experience, incorporating an eraser and writing side to the pen. It also supports multitasking with split-screen mode, allowing you to use multiple apps simultaneously. The combination of a motion and light sensor optimizes your viewing experience and balances energy consumption. With its eco-friendly design and low power consumption, the X-ONE is both environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Powered by the i3STUDIO software suite, this interactive flat panel display offers whiteboarding, annotating, presenting, and video conferencing apps, making it a versatile tool for meetings, workshops, teaching, and more.

  • Fastest Processing Power at your Fingertips
  • Vibrant Colors and Sharper Lines
  • Reduced Eye Fatigue
  • Fuller Sound
  • Plug into the Possibilities
  • Better Than Pen-to-Paper
  • Multitasking Capabilities
  • Adaptive Intelligence
  • Friendly for the Environment and Your Wallet
  • Powered by i3STUDIO software suite

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