i3-Technologies X-ONE Interactive Flat Panel Display, 75 inch, Android 11, 8GB RAM

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Introducing the i3TOUCH X-ONE, the latest and greatest interactive flat panel display from i3-Technologies. With a massive 75-inch screen and powered by Android 11 with an Octa-Core CPU and 8GB of RAM, this device offers lightning-fast processing power for all your needs. It comes equipped with the i3studio software suite, providing a seamless user experience. The X-ONE also boasts room-filling audio, enhanced clarity, and a multi-function button for added convenience. With its one cable connection and compatibility with Android 11, this interactive flat panel display is a game-changer.

- Fastest Processing Power at your Fingertips - Vibrant Colors and Sharper Lines - Reduced Eye Fatigue - Fuller Sound - Plug into the Possibilities - Better Than Pen-to-Paper - Multitasking Capabilities - Adaptive Intelligence - Friendly for the Environment and Your Wallet - Powered by i3STUDIO software suite

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