i3-Technologies X-ONE Interactive Flat Panel Display - 65 inch, Android 11, 8GB RAM

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Introducing the i3TOUCH X-ONE, the ultimate interactive flat panel display. With a 65-inch screen size and powered by Android 11, this device offers faster processing power and enhanced clarity for all your presentation needs. The X-ONE comes with 8GB of RAM and is equipped with the i3studio software suite, providing a seamless and intuitive user experience. With room-filling audio and a multi-function button, this display offers a complete solution for all your audiovisual requirements. Plus, with one cable connection and automatic over-the-air updates, device maintenance is simplified.

- 65" screen size - Faster processing power - Powered by i3studio software suite - Room-filling audio - Multi-function button - Enhanced clarity - One cable connection - Operates on Android 11

Experience the power and performance of the i3TOUCH X-ONE. This interactive flat panel display delivers vibrant colors and sharper lines, making your presentations and video conferences truly captivating. With reduced eye fatigue features such as DC Dimming mode and a blue light filter, you can work for longer periods without strain. The X-ONE also offers fuller sound with its advanced audio system and supports multitasking with split-screen mode. Additionally, this display is eco-friendly and energy-efficient, making it both environmentally conscious and cost-effective. Powered by the i3STUDIO software suite, the X-ONE provides a comprehensive set of tools for whiteboarding, annotating, presenting, and video conferencing.

- Vibrant colors and sharper lines - Reduced eye fatigue - Fuller sound - Plug-and-play capabilities - Better than pen-to-paper writing experience - Multitasking capabilities - Adaptive intelligence - Friendly for the environment and your wallet - Powered by i3STUDIO software suite

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