i3-Technologies i3TOUCH PX75 - 75" 4K Interactive Screen (350 cd/m²)

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The i3-Technologies i3TOUCH PX75 is a 75" 4K interactive flat panel display that offers a stunning visual experience with its ultra-high definition resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. With a brightness of 350 cd/m² and a contrast ratio of 4000:1, this display delivers vibrant and sharp images. It features 20 touch inputs, allowing multiple users to write simultaneously, with a maximum of 5 users. The 4mm anti-glare tempered glass ensures clear visibility in any lighting conditions. Powered by fast Android 8.0, this interactive screen offers seamless connectivity with HDMI, VGA, RS232, and USB ports. It also comes with wireless connectivity and integrated speakers for immersive sound. With over-the-air updates and password security, this display provides a hassle-free and secure user experience. The i3TOUCH PX75 is backed by a 3-year standard warranty, ensuring peace of mind.

Impress with strong craftsmanship and an ultra-slim bezel design, the i3TOUCH PX75 offers a high-end aesthetic that will enhance any environment. It allows you to control all connected devices with just one USB-C cable, providing convenience and eliminating clutter. The ergonomic and pressure-sensitive pen provides a natural and precise writing experience, making it ideal for collaboration and presentations. With its captivating image quality, anti-glare glass, and optimized viewing angle, this display ensures that your content looks great from any angle. The integrated charging station ensures that your pen is always charged and ready to use. With its eco-friendly design and low power consumption, the i3TOUCH PX75 is not only friendly to the environment but also to your wallet. It comes pre-installed with the EDU Studio, allowing for wireless presenting, whiteboarding, and annotation without the need for any external devices. The wireless presenting app is compatible with various devices and offers wireless touchback for seamless control. With its intuitive side menu, navigating between different apps and settings is quick and easy.

- Stunning 75" 4K interactive flat panel display - Ultra-high definition resolution for vibrant images - 20 touch inputs for collaborative writing - Anti-glare tempered glass for clear visibility - Powered by fast Android 8.0 for seamless connectivity - Wireless connectivity for hassle-free usage - Integrated speakers for immersive sound - Crafted with strong craftsmanship and an ultra-slim bezel design - Control all connected devices with one USB-C cable - Natural and precise writing experience with the pressure-sensitive pen - Captivating image quality with anti-glare glass and optimized viewing angle - Integrated charging station for a fully charged pen - Eco-friendly design with low power consumption - Pre-installed with EDU Studio for wireless presenting and whiteboarding - Wireless presenting app compatible with various devices - Intuitive side menu for quick navigation and customization.

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