i3-Technologies E-ONE Interactive Flat Panel Display, 65 inch, Android 11, i3RDM

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The i3TOUCH E-ONE is a budget-friendly conferencing solution that offers unbeatable pricing without compromising on durability and functionality. With a screen size of 65 inches, this Android 11 Interactive Flat Panel Display comes with a range of features to enhance your interactive experience. Powered by the i3studio software suite, the E-ONE provides a natural writing experience with its high-precision IR technology and zero air gap. It also offers remote display management capabilities, low power consumption, and easy one cable connection for audio, video, power, and touch.

  • Budget-friendly conferencing solution
  • High precision IR technology for a natural writing experience
  • Remote display management for ease of use
  • Low power consumption for energy efficiency
  • One cable connection for audio, video, power, and touch

The i3TOUCH E-ONE is designed with strong craftsmanship, featuring an ultra-slim bezel and aluminum accents for a high-end aesthetic. It also offers wireless presenting capabilities with compatibility for Windows, Android, MAC OS, and iOS users can take advantage of the AirPlay Solution. With i3RDM (Remote Display Management), support employees and IT administrators can easily manage and monitor an entire fleet of interactive flat panels from anywhere at any time. Additionally, the i3TOUCH E-ONE is powered by the i3STUDIO software suite, providing a comprehensive set of tools for whiteboarding, annotating, presenting, and video conferencing. Whether you're conducting meetings, teaching, or interacting with your audience, the i3STUDIO software suite has got you covered.

  • Strong craftsmanship with an ultra-slim bezel and aluminum accents
  • Wireless presenting capabilities for seamless connectivity
  • Remote management and monitoring with i3RDM
  • Integration with video conferencing solutions for hybrid meetings
  • Powerful i3STUDIO software suite for enhanced collaboration

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