BenQ RE6501 - 65" 4K UHD 400 Nits Interactive Display for Education (Black)

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Product Overview


Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
Product Name BenQ RE6501 - 65" 4K UHD 400 Nits Interactive Display for Education (Black)
Screen Size 65 inches
Resolution 4K UHD (3840 x 2160)
Brightness 400 nits
Display Type LED
Touch Technology Multi-touch
Touch Points 20 points
Response Time 8ms
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Contrast Ratio 1200:1
Viewing Angle 178° horizontal, 178° vertical
Input Connectivity HDMI x 3, VGA x 1, USB Type-B x 1, USB Type-A x 6, RS232 x 1, RJ45 x 1
Output Connectivity Audio Out x 1, RS232 x 1
Audio 2 x 10W speakers
Operating System Android
Processor Quad-core ARM Cortex-A73 1.5GHz
Storage 16GB
Wireless Connectivity Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.0
Dimensions (W x H x D) 59.4" x 35.3" x 3.3"
Weight Approximately 94.8 lbs
Color Black


The BenQ RE6501 is a 65" 4K UHD interactive display designed specifically for education purposes. With a sleek black design, this interactive screen is perfect for classrooms and educational institutions. It offers a screen size of 65 inches, providing a large and immersive viewing experience for students.

  • 400 nits of brightness for a clear and vibrant display
  • 4K UHD resolution of 3840x2160 for stunning visuals
  • DLED panel type for enhanced picture quality
  • Up to 20 points multi-touch capability for collaborative learning
  • 1,200:1 contrast ratio for sharp and detailed images

The BenQ RE6501 also features a 50,000 hours light life, ensuring long-lasting performance. With a 178° viewing angle (horizontal / vertical), every student in the classroom can enjoy a clear view of the content from any position. The landscape display orientation and 4mm tempered glass add to the durability and functionality of this interactive display. Additionally, the germ-resistant screen helps maintain a hygienic learning environment. With a built-in speaker, audio can be easily incorporated into lessons or presentations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the BenQ RE6501 - 65" 4K UHD 400 Nits Interactive Display for Education?

A: The BenQ RE6501 is a high-quality interactive display designed specifically for educational purposes. It features a 65-inch 4K UHD display with a brightness of 400 nits, providing clear and vibrant visuals for an immersive learning experience.

Q: How can educators benefit from the BenQ RE6501?

A: The BenQ RE6501 offers numerous benefits for educators, including: * Enhanced engagement: The interactive display allows teachers to create interactive lessons and activities, increasing student engagement and participation. * Collaborative learning: With the ability to support multiple touch points, the display enables students to collaborate on projects, work together on assignments, and share ideas. * Versatile teaching tools: The display comes with various teaching tools and software, such as annotation tools, screen recording, and split-screen functionality, enabling teachers to deliver dynamic and interactive lessons. * Visual clarity: The 4K UHD resolution and 400 nits brightness ensure sharp and clear visuals, making it easier for students to see and understand the content being presented.

Q: Can the BenQ RE6501 be used in other settings besides education?

A: Absolutely! While the BenQ RE6501 is designed with education in mind, its features and capabilities make it suitable for various scenarios, such as: * Corporate training: The interactive display can be used for interactive training sessions, presentations, and collaborative work among employees. * Conference rooms: With its large screen and interactive capabilities, the display is ideal for video conferencing, brainstorming sessions, and sharing presentations. * Public spaces: The high-quality visuals and interactive features make the display suitable for digital signage, advertising, and information displays in public areas.

Q: What are the standout features of the BenQ RE6501?

A: The BenQ RE6501 offers several standout features that set it apart, including: * 4K UHD display: The 65-inch display boasts a stunning 4K UHD resolution, delivering crisp and detailed visuals. * Interactive touch functionality: The display supports multi-touch gestures, allowing users to interact with content using their fingers or stylus. * Easy connectivity: The display offers a range of connectivity options, including HDMI, VGA, USB, and RJ45, ensuring seamless integration with various devices and systems. * Eye-care technology: BenQ's eye-care technology reduces eye strain and fatigue, making it comfortable for extended viewing periods.

Q: Is the BenQ RE6501 user-friendly?

A: Yes, the BenQ RE6501 is designed to be user-friendly. Its intuitive interface and easy-to-navigate menus make it simple for both teachers and students to operate. Additionally, the display comes with comprehensive user manuals and online support to assist with any questions or concerns.

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