AG Neovo SX-15G - 15" Surveillance Monitor, 4:3 Aspect Ratio, 300 nits Brightness

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Technical Specifications

Model: AG Neovo SX-15G Specifications
Panel Spec
Display Type TFT-LCD
Size 15"
Aspect Ratio 4 : 3
Brightness 300 nits
Ethernet Not applicable
USB Not applicable
Power Inputs
Power over Ethernet (PoE) Not applicable
Power Consumption Not specified
Operating Temperature Not specified
Storage Temperature Not specified
Humidity Not specified
Physical Properties
Housing Not specified
Weight Not specified
Dimensions (L x W x H) Not specified
Note Not specified

In the Box


The AG Neovo SX-15G is a 15-inch surveillance monitor designed specifically for analog CCTV video monitoring and security systems. With its 4:3 aspect ratio, XGA 1024 x 768 resolution, and 300 nits brightness, this monitor delivers clear and detailed images. It offers versatile connectivity options, including analog (VGA, S-Video, Composite) and digital (DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI) inputs, as well as a Composite (BNC) passive loop-through output port for video looping. The SX-15G also features AG Neovo's patented Anti-Burn-in technology, which prevents ghost images and extends the lifespan of the monitor. With its NeoV Optical Glass screen and durable metal casing, this monitor is built to withstand the demands of 24/7 surveillance operations.

  • Perfect Match to 4:3 Analogue Video Footage: The SX-15G's 4:3 aspect ratio ensures that analog video signals are displayed without distortion or stretching.
  • Versatile Connectivity with BNC and HDMI Inputs: This monitor supports a wide range of analog and digital video inputs, allowing for easy integration with CCTV cameras and other devices.
  • Super Resolution for Crisp Motion Images: The SX-15G's super-resolution technology enhances the clarity of security footage in real-time, presenting more detail in layered texture.
  • CCTV Mode Enhances Image Clarity in Dark Scenes: AG Neovo's pre-configured CCTV mode optimizes image clarity in low-light footage, eliminating the need for constant adjustments.
  • Night Mode Keeps Image Clear in Low-Light Environment: The Night Mode feature dimms the backlight level in dark environments, ensuring clear viewing with high visibility for reliable navigation.
  • LCD Screen Burn in Prevention: AG Neovo's patented Anti-Burn-in technology prevents ghost images and extends the lifespan of the monitor, protecting your investment.
  • Robust Design for 24/7 Surveillance Use: The SX-15G is built with a NeoV Optical Glass screen and durable metal casing, providing protection against scratching and high-velocity impacts.
  • PID Command & Ctrl for RS232 System Integration: The PID Command & Ctrl software allows for easy control and integration of the SX-15G monitor via RS232 connections, making remote management and control a breeze.
  • In the box, you will find an audio cable, power adaptor, power cord, VGA cable, warranty card, and user manuals. The AG Neovo SX-15G surveillance monitor is the perfect choice for professionals who require a reliable and high-performance monitor for their security needs.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What is the AG Neovo SX-15G - 15" Surveillance Monitor?

    A: The AG Neovo SX-15G is a 15" surveillance monitor designed specifically for security applications. It features a 4:3 aspect ratio and a brightness of 300 nits, making it ideal for monitoring and surveillance purposes.

    Q: What are the benefits of using the AG Neovo SX-15G?

    A: The AG Neovo SX-15G offers a range of benefits for surveillance applications, including: * Clear and detailed visuals: With its 15" display and 4:3 aspect ratio, the monitor provides a clear and detailed view of surveillance footage, ensuring that no details are missed. * High brightness: The monitor's 300 nits brightness ensures that the screen remains visible even in bright environments, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor surveillance. * Wide viewing angles: The monitor offers wide viewing angles, allowing for easy monitoring from different perspectives and reducing the need for additional monitors. * Durable and reliable: Built with durability in mind, the AG Neovo SX-15G is designed to withstand the demands of continuous monitoring, ensuring long-lasting performance.

    Q: What are the key features of the AG Neovo SX-15G?

    A: The AG Neovo SX-15G comes with several key features that enhance its usability and performance in surveillance scenarios, including: * 15" display with a 4:3 aspect ratio: The monitor's 15" display and 4:3 aspect ratio provide a balanced and optimal viewing experience for surveillance footage. * 300 nits brightness: The high brightness level ensures that the screen remains visible in various lighting conditions, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. * Multiple video inputs: The monitor offers multiple video inputs, including VGA and BNC, allowing for easy connectivity with different surveillance systems. * VESA mount compatibility: With VESA mount compatibility, the monitor can be easily installed and positioned in various surveillance setups. * Image enhancement technologies: The AG Neovo SX-15G incorporates image enhancement technologies such as AG Neovo's Advanced Image Platform™, which improves image clarity and sharpness for better surveillance analysis.

    Q: What are some scenarios where the AG Neovo SX-15G can be beneficial?

    A: The AG Neovo SX-15G is well-suited for a range of surveillance scenarios, including: * Home security: The monitor can be used to monitor and keep track of activities around your home, providing peace of mind and enhancing overall security. * Business surveillance: Whether it's monitoring a retail store, office, or warehouse, the AG Neovo SX-15G offers reliable and clear visuals to ensure effective surveillance. * Public spaces: The monitor can be utilized in public spaces such as parking lots, parks, and transportation hubs to enhance security and monitor activities. * Industrial monitoring: With its durable design and high brightness, the monitor is suitable for monitoring industrial environments, ensuring safety and efficiency.

    Q: How user-friendly is the AG Neovo SX-15G?

    A: The AG Neovo SX-15G is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Its intuitive controls and easy-to-navigate menu make it simple to adjust settings and customize the display according to specific surveillance needs. Additionally, the monitor's durable construction ensures hassle-free operation and minimal maintenance requirements.

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