An Insider’s Guide to Premium Video Walls


At Electronic Whiteboard Warehouse, the selection of video walls represents the cutting-edge of digital display technology. Their offerings include a wide range of sizes, from compact 10"-21" displays to expansive 106"-120" options, catering to diverse spatial requirements and viewing experiences. These video walls boast a variety of resolutions, including 4K and 8K Ultra HD, FHD Full HD, and standard HD, ensuring crystal-clear visuals for any application.


Our Brands

Notably, brands like Samsung, Planar, Christie, and Clear Touch feature prominently, each bringing unique features and specifications. For instance, Samsung's outdoor LED displays with high brightness levels are perfect for vibrant, outdoor environments, while Planar's Luminate and DirectLight series offer innovative solutions for indoor settings. Christie and Clear Touch contribute with their ultra-narrow bezel displays, ideal for creating seamless, large-scale video walls that captivate viewers.


Suitable for corporate, Educational & Advertisement purposes 

Whether for a corporate lobby, a retail space, an educational institution, or a public venue, these video walls from Electronic Whiteboard Warehouse are designed to deliver impressive and immersive visual experiences. The high-quality screens ensure that whether you're displaying dynamic advertisements, educational content, or critical data, your message is conveyed with maximum impact. Moreover, with our commitment to certified products and expert advice, Electronic Whiteboard Warehouse ensures that customers not only receive top-tier technology but also the guidance necessary to choose the perfect video wall solution for their specific needs.



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