LG 60PB6600 Plasma TV

By | February 13, 2014

The new LG 60PB6600 Plasma TV is coming soon to you so you can get access to the latest entertainment and enjoy the 60 inch smart TV screen for a complete new experience. You can watch all entertainment you want like Netflix, Hulu Plus, and YouTube. This Smart TV is your entertainment powerhouse.

The new LG 60PB6600 smart TV gives you an impressive performance and design that has no match. The LG Smart TV with LED screen looks great from every angle. The style is sleek and minima and it perfectly complements to LG’s brilliant picture impact.

LG giving you an amazing new 3D HDTV experience:

  •  The LG’s intuitive magic remote which is a simple and fun way to pick and choose what you want to watch. With just a point and click or use LG’s unique Voice Mate, capable of recognizing how you naturally speak to change channel, volume or access any content you want.
  • The new LG 60PB6600 Plasma TV gives you multiple ways to share your photos from your vacation and video from your favorite song and events to your TV from a compatible device.
  • You can now create a network with your compatible devices, access content stored in your LG Cloud or use an NFC tag to connect, LG makes it easy for you to share content with friends and family.
  • It gives you an amazing experience so you can watch sports, fast action and video games in full HD like never before.
  • It has Smart Energy Saving Features which helps you can conserve money and energy. With stunning picture effects and amazing picture you get superior picture quality over standard HDTV.

Now if you want to see entertainment so lifelike and realistic that you feel like you can reach out and touch it, or a picture so vibrant and clear that you’ll forget you’re watching TV, then you want the 60PN6600 Plasma TV from LG. Enjoy Full HD videos and movies that give you unprecedented depth to entertainment. And you can now watch sports and actions movies without the blur out giving you crystal clear action.