Hitachi CP-AX3503 Ultra Short Throw LCD Projector

By | May 7, 2014

Enhance Convenience and Productivity of Your Presentations with Hitachi CP-AX3503 Network Capability

One of the perks Hitachi CP-AX3503 ultra short throw projector offers is the network facility. It is a useful tool for large businesses and schools as the projector connects to a network through your LAN, gaining the ability to utilize and share files, presentations and other content that may be present on other computers in the network. If the projector is used with other projectors in a facility like an educational sector, it is highly recommended that you opt for a projector like CP-AX3503 with wireless networking capabilities. It saves you from the hassle of manually handling the projector and let the IT department take care of the technical support remotely from their office.

We will help you understand how this network projector works and what are its capabilities. We will give you a clear picture on how Hitachi CP-AX3503 will bring various benefits to the managers as well as the users through its network connectivity.

The Working of Hitachi CP-AX3503 Network Capabilities

At first, you might find a similarity in appearance and functioning between network capable projector and other projectors. However, the difference originates when the network projector allows multiple computers to access it, as it is part of a local area network or LAN. The Hitachi CP-AX3503 ultra short throw LCD projector comes with an in-built network interface card, having its own unique Internet Protocol or IP addresses. This allows users to communicate with the device plus also gives you the leverage to remotely control the projector functions as well.

Projector Network Connectivity Benefits for Users and Managers

You no longer need to fret over the limitations of running presentations or leave your office to perform tasks on the projector. You can now splash your ideas with ease and full peace of mind for greater productivity with the several benefits CP-AX3503 network projector offers. These include:

  • Technical Assistance

Technicians or IT staff members do not need to be physically present with the CP-AX3503 projector if incase there is an issue that needs to be resolved. It can be accessed remotely from another building and in some cases even from another campus hence saving you a lot of time and energy.

  • Enhanced Network Facilities

When connected to a network, the user can browse the Internet, share files, access files and images or any other content, schedule meetings and send emails.

  • Storage of Data on Network

With this networked projector you can upload files, PowerPoint presentations and spreadsheets directly from a computer on the network. You can download these files to an internal storage device in this projector saving you the hassle of carrying data in CDs or connecting the PC with the projector to access the files.

  • Securing Data with Password Locks

You can limit user access by securing your network data with a password. Your presentations or files will be safe from accidently getting deleted

  • Full Time Maintenance

The technicians can monitor the projector lamp life over the network and replace it before it turns off.

  • Automatic ShutOff

The Hitachi CP-AX3503 ultra short throw projector automatically shuts off after a set time hence saving you a lot on electricity bills.

IS Hitachi CP-AX3503 Network Projector Designed For You?

Are you still wondering if this projector is right for you or not? A networked projector like CP-AX3503 is most suitable if used in large organizations or schools/universities where multiple projectors are used and they have a dedicated department to monitor and control them. Without any doubt this projector has the potential to maximize your productivity and hence are extremely suitable for large businesses rather than smaller organizations.