Hitachi CP-AX2503 Ultra Short Throw LCD Projector

By | May 7, 2014

The Right Projector For Your Presentations-Hitachi CP-AX2503

Introduced by Hitachi Digital Media, the CP-AX2503 ultra short throw projector is compact size, light weight with versatile features with total ease of use. The magic of this ultra short throw projector lies in its capability of large image projection even in a tiny room.  There is a common perception among people that projectors would always be used in a theater like environment.  In reality, mostly teachers in schools have to use them in pretty unfavorable conditions, including rooms with very limited space. This is where an ultra short throw projector can make a difference. The Hitachi CP-AX2503 is designed to display a large image when the projector is close to the screen. Using this ultra short throw projector means there is minimal chance that the teachers will be blinded by the projector light shining in their eyes. One particular advantage for teachers or individuals for using this short throw projector is the elimination of eyestrain as the light shining from CP-AX2503 does not shine directly into the presenters eyes.  This is a huge advantage for teachers who use projectors all day long.

Hitachi CP-AX2503 works best on flat surfaces like a wall, whiteboard or even a flat table top. Equipped with Accentualizer technology and a High Dynamic Contrast Range (HDCR) it gives optimum picture quality. The Hitachi CP-AX2503 works its brightness features in two modes. In normal mode it offers 2700 ANSI Lumens and 1800 ANSI Lumens in Eco mode. Offering a high contrast ratio of 5000:1, the Hitachi CP-AX2503 becomes a smart choice to be used in classrooms as a purpose of teaching students where high quality images can be shown quite effectively. Apart from its usage in educational sectors, small businesses, home theaters, small conference rooms such as those found in hotels and advertising stands and booths at exhibitions can also benefit from multifarious functionalities of Hitachi CP-AX2503. 

Hitachi CP-AX2503 is also an XGA (1024×768) projector that will render better quality images and better detail to your presentations. Investing in a projector with XGA resolution is a smart choice if the projector is being used to display detailed images especially like mathematical formulas or biological diagrams since these would appear blurred if used with an SVGA resolution. Hitachi CP-AX2503 ultra short throw projector is energy efficient; gives better brightness levels than most short throw projectors and offers no rainbow effect. It is highly recommended for classroom presentations where they are generally placed very close to the screen and require peace of mind that whenever you deliver a presentation, the audience is able to see it clearly and hear it properly too.