LG 60PB6900 60 inch LED Screen

The new LG 60PB6900 the 60 inch LED screen with smart LG’s smart TV intuitive magic remote is coming soon to give you an amazing new experience to play movies using your USB and giving you a  simple and fun way to pick and choose what you want to watch on your 3D screen.  The […]

LG 60PB6600 Plasma TV

The new LG 60PB6600 Plasma TV is coming soon to you so you can get access to the latest entertainment and enjoy the 60 inch smart TV screen for a complete new experience. You can watch all entertainment you want like Netflix, Hulu Plus, and YouTube. This Smart TV is your entertainment powerhouse. The new LG 60PB6600 […]

AverVision F15 Document Camera

With the advancement of technology, teaching and giving presentation has become more productive. If talking about the use of technology whether in university or in office, document camera is the one without which effective presentations or academic sessions are unimaginable these days. AVerVision F15 Document camera is one of the fastest and easiest way to […]

VDO360 PTZ Video Conferencing Camera

When you think of video conferencing, you probably would imagine a webcam that enables businesses to reap the benefits of video conferencing to save time, travel expense, and in return improve communication with clients leading to increased sales and productivity. For professional web conferencing you would need to obtain a high resolution camera with specification […]